Tournament PUPL IX - Week Two

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Dave's Doublades (2) vs (6) The Twinkatuffs
SV PU: Togkey vs Beraldo Already happened but woulda bolded bald person
SV PU: tlenit vs Vulpix03 Hard to bold against pix plus tlenit hasn't been as consistent in SV
SV PU: TyCarter vs zoowi I think this match could go either way and I assume both of these players really want to this win. Rooting for Ty!
SS PU: OranBerryBlissey10 vs gum my foomfie is naturally very talented at this godforsaken tier and should be able to make stuff happen here if he closes twitter during his game, idt OBB will make it easy though. Watch out, foomfie!
SM PU: Leru vs Gondra
ORAS PU: Blue YM vs avarice I trust dillon as a pilot a lot more, bring pika belle
BW PU: Feaniix vs dunoks Feanix will tryhard after last week
DPP PU: HSOWA vs Heysup Very close hl match
ADV PU: Medeia vs Bouff I see a player with great knowledge of the tier vs a player who always puts everything into their slot. Fun mu, go bouff!
Bo3: robjr vs Punny Another rlly cool series of games, I don´t expect many of the Twinkatuff slots to let themselves lose 2 weeks in a row, especially not Punny

m.A.A.d. City Magmortars (4) vs (4) Destructive Dedennes
SV PU: Fogbound Lake vs fish anemometer fish is motivated, knows the meta better and barely lost last week's game
SV PU: tier vs clean
SV PU: bb skarm vs Floss Another really fun SV game with bb skarm putting his usual amount of work vs. one of the best pilots in SV, could go either way
SS PU: Dj Breloominati♬ vs Shaneghoul Shane is pretty cool, go Shane!
SM PU: Xiri vs soulgazer Xiri is off of a strong win vs. Santu while sg came really close to beating Gondra. I believe xiri is more likely to keep up the pace
ORAS PU: Xrn vs Splash After both of these players beat mainers last week, this should be a fun one, slightly favoring Splash
BW PU: LpZ vs gorex
DPP PU: Drud vs JabbaTheGriffin
ADV PU: Lily vs Jisoo Hard to bold against lily in this slot
Bo3: pdt vs Danny I feel like a bitch not bolding either of these players, but I'd say danny might have a very tiny edge and a lot of support

Haunter x Haunter (3) vs (6) Joe Bidoofs
SV PU: DugZa vs Feliburn NUPL teammate vs close friend who I failed to upbid in the auction cuz im blind (SORRY AGAIN FELI)
SV PU: ProDigeZz vs Z Strats
SV PU: Ryuji vs Luck O' the Irish
SS PU: mj vs Fc
SM PU: Santu vs Arcobaleno
ORAS PU: MZ vs hariyana grande I'm really not sure how much time MZ has these days, but if he's able to put in the work I'd expect him to take this
BW PU: Alkione vs ninjadog
DPP PU: Estarossa vs zS Always a pleasure seeing zS play DPP. He's guaranteed to tryhard after last week
ADV PU: MrSoup vs SuperEpicAmpharos SEA will have to prove to everyone that they're able to win without CHEATS this week, luckily for them, they're extremely talented at this gen
Bo3: yandaud vs mncmt mncmt is a pretty good player if you ask me

Hf, everyone! Go Sliggoomfies!!!
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